Look for Projects that Improve Your Operations
Our most important goal is to make our clients more efficient. If you want to engage us, be prepared to tell us how your project will improve your business. This is one of the first questions we will ask. If we cannot see how the project will improve speed, decrease costs, or improve quality, we will recommend NOT doing the project.

Stay on Time and Within Budget – Guaranteed!
We typically estimate projects with a ‘Not to Exceed’ amount. This way, you know what to budget and can feel confident we will not charge more than was expected to reach to project goals. For projects requiring less resource than expected, we only charge for what we needed to use. If it appears the scope of the project has changed (or needs to change) we will notify you before committing to the additional costs and advise on different options to make sure the project is successful.

Pay Our Own Way
Since our focus is to make your operation more efficient, you can expect all projects that we do for you to quickly pay for themselves. A typical project we execute should have a return on investment of about six months or less. We make money by helping our clients make MORE money.